AAI’s products are critically important to a car buyer’s quality perceptions because they are engineered to help keep the interiors of vehicles quiet.  This has become increasingly important as the auto-makers integrate more technology – like hands-free communications – into almost every new platform they produce.  Applied to the inside of vehicle floors, trunks, roofs, doors, and side panels – AAI products dampen and reflect metal vibration and road noise to keep cars quiet.  


AAI Damplex™ is designed for wheelhouse and dash applications using an expandable bitumen applied between two metal panels.  The assembly provides increased structural stiffness and overall weight savings of vehicle body in white.

The AAI Damplite® portfolio is precision engineered and formulated for specific vehicle designs and acoustic challenges.  AAI also has the ability to package multiple dampers for a vehicle into a single kit to ensure the best possible utilization of floor-space on your vehicle assembly lines.


  • Damplite </h3 >

    Good performance 273 for floor and trunk applications

  • Damplite CF </h3 >

    Constrained layer butyl/foil with PSA adhesive for dash, roof and tunnel applications

  • Damplite CG </h3 >

    Constrained layer butyl/glass with PSA adhesive for dash, roof (post oven) and tunnel applications

  • Damplite CR </h3 >

    Constrained layer RSS for floor applications

  • Damplite CS </h3 >

    Constrained layer SuperDmplt with PSA adhesive for roof or flat vertical surface applications

  • Damplite D </h3 >

    Best performance 748 with expansion and PSA adhesive for dash and floor applications

  • Damplite L </h3 >

    Good performance CompLTWT for floor and trunk applications

  • Damplite M </h3 >

    Better performance MGD20 with magnetics for door and tunnel applications

  • Damplite S </h3 >

    Better performance adds structure to tunnel, floor, and toe pan areas

  • Damplite W </h3 >

    Better performance GS-11 with PSA adhesive and cold impact resistance for wheelhouse applications

  • Damplite X </h3 >

    Better performance 516 with expansion for floor and trunk applications

  • Damplite XF </h3 >

    Better performance F-199 with expansion for floor applications

  • Damplite XP </h3 >

    Better performance NF-199 with PSA adhesive for door, tunnel and wheelhouse applications

  • Damplite XNP </h3 >

    Better performance NF-199 for floor applications

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